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Saturday, March 11 2017
Hand Made Teddy Bear

HI Bear Friends,

We are super excited here at bear HQ to be now offering a great range of Hand Made Teddy Bears.  We are loving making these one off items for our customers.  The great thing about these is that they are one of a kind.  No two are the same.

You can have your teddy bear personalised with either feet embroidery or a cute little jumper.

Why we are excited!

These guys are different, custom made, totally unique, totally personalised.

Great for keepsake gifts.  Our teddies are made by our owner Sharon, she has loved teddy bears since a kid and has made bears for years.  Only now have they ever been offered for sale.

We are excited with this new prospect in our business and look forward to sharing some furry love with you our amazing customers.

Thanks for stopping by.

Mumma Bear


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Saturday, December 17 2016

Hi Bear Friends,

We have been on a magical adventure this past week with Sebastian.

I think he is now a little famous.  lol

We would love for you to follow his adventures with us here at Bear HQ.  He has just been on a cruise to Moreton Island, got seasick, met a girl, met some more girls, got a job, had some cocktails, played at the casino and heaps of other shenanigans.

We now have 3 of our Sebastian teddies to give away in our facebook comp, but would love for you to get your very own Sebastian and see what adventures he can get up to.

We will feature the most amazing pics right here in our blog posts.

For your very own personalised teddy bears, make sure you check out our whole website and see which little cutie you would like to take away and make your own.

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Have a great Christmas all.

Mumma Bear xx


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Friday, April 22 2016
Why I Love Personalised Teddies

Hi Friends,

A little about me.

As you may or may not know my name is Sharon.  Since I can remember I have collected teddy bears.  I love them with a passion.  I have hundreds in my personal collection, even after a massive cull a few years ago lol.

The other thing I love is sewing.  My mum taught me to sew when I was about 7 or 8 years of age.  I have always sewn by hand.  All sorts of things.

When my love of teddies and sewing came together a number of years ago you could not image my excitement.

My two loves teddies and sewing, making me a business.

Yes, it's true, my passions and loves have become my full time business.

The other thing I love desiging.  Creating colour, drawing, artwork and much much more.

When you get a teddy personalised with Bears in Boxes, you don't only get a personalised teddy bear.   What you get is a whole lot of love in that teddy bear.  A personalised design created by me. One could say I have over 40 years experience and it would be true, 40 years of loving and caring for teddies.

Created with love for the very person you are sending your teddy too.

I take care with him.  I love him till the very end, until he reaches his new owner and his new home.   I think of him often after he leaves me.  Like one of my special children leaving the nest.  He leaves me with a kiss and a well wish.....Godspeed little bear, off to your new home.

I am very proud now that after 8 years of business I have had many sucesses.

I have helped raise money for charity - $40,000 for Ronald McDonals House Charities.  Any many others.  I am working with a number of charities in 2016 to help raise funds for their various needs.   All through my gorgeous bears.

I have been a business award finalist and business award winner.   This makes me so happy that the love of my bears has helped me achieve all these great things in life.

Tomorrow night (Saturday 23rd April 2016) I am a finalist in none other that The Australian Business Awards.   WOW.  It is an honour.   I can't wait to see how it all goes.   I will keep you all posted.

Loving my business and creating my personalised teddy bears makes me happy.  Seeing peoples faces and getting special messages of thanks is also a great thing. 

If you love a bear, give him a kiss goodnight, cause you never know where he might lead you.

xxxx Mumma Bear xxxx


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Tuesday, March 29 2016
Unique Childrens Gifts - Personalised Teddy Bears

For a unique childrens gift - select a personalised teddy bear.

You customise the way you want it.

These two little cuties went out to sisters.  We worked with the client to get the best colours to suit their bedroom decor.  We also worked on the fonts and designs with them too.  Needless to say both little girls were over the moon with their teddies.

We love creating these unique baby and childrens gifts.

All of our teddy bears are high quality plush and we pride ourselves on our design work.

We deliver Australia Wide for FREE.

Why not check out our teddy range today, we have nearly 100 different designs to choose from.



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Sunday, March 20 2016
Corporate Personalised Teddy Bears

Ever thought.....what do I get for a client, staff member or someone in my office.




Teddy Bear!!!! Yeah - great idea.

Here are some corporate teddy bears we made recently for a Motel.

15 workers received these super cute personalised teddy bears with the simple words "Thank You" on them.

With a small plaque by their employers for all the hard work they had completed through the year to help them reach target.

If you would like to speak to use about Your Corporate gifts.    Please drop us a line on email or call Sharon aka Mumma Bear on 0415 155 176 to discuss options.

We can have your logo embroidered onto shirts of teddies for a corporate event, fund raising, trade fair any event that you want.

One or many....we love making these little personalised teddy bears for corporate events.


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Sunday, February 28 2016
Birth and Baby - Personalised Teddy Bears

Personalised baby teddy bear

Give a meaningful and everlasting gift.  When flowers die and chocolates are eaten.  Your personalised teddy bear from Bears in Boxes will last and last.

Mum and Dad will love the personalisation for baby.  Baby will grow and love teddy for years to come.

All of our bears are of the highest quality from reputable suppliers.  They will withstand the test of time, cuddles and love.

A Bears in Boxes birth teddy bear can include all your babies personalised details.  We design and embroider on a teddy bear of your choice. The perfect personalised baby gift.

When you give a personalised baby gift you are choosing something special and long lasting.  Choose your teddy bear from our wide range of designs, choose his jumper or shirt and then we will design and embroider him with your baby’s name and date of birth and your choice of special design. You choose how to make him or her perfect!  We then deliver free of charge.

Every bear we make is individually designed.  No two are the same ever!   Our teddies are unique baby or birthday gifts.

All of our teddies are made with love.  We are huge teddy lovers and we send each teddy off to their new homes with a loving kiss to join their new family.

Create a totally unique birth gift for a newborn today.  Show mum and dad that you really care about their little person just as much as them with your own unique spin on the design.

Our online website for Baby Gifts is easy to use and to order.  You design, we create and deliver.  We offer free fast delivery Australia Wide.

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Wednesday, December 30 2015
Christmas Chaos

Phew, after the the crazyness that was Christmas, a few hundres personalised teddy bears.  Heaps of new babies personalised teddies.  New teddy bear additions to our Bear Family.  Crazy 24 hour working days,  we have had a little break this week.

We ate lots of food and now our bellies look like the cute little teddies we

We thank everyone for their support in the past year and would like to take the time to say.... Have a great new year and may 2016 bring you lots of joy.

Onwards and upward for our team at Bear HQ in 2016 with lots of new projects on the boil, new bears coming into the family, heaps of new designs and more.

Have a great one what ever you do over the next few weeks and see you in 2016!

Lots of love from

Mumma Bear and the Bear Team xxxx

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Friday, July 10 2015
Personalised Teddy Bear

Why Personalised?

If you are wondering, "what am I going to give to Sally and Rob for their new baby".  Think about a personalised teddy bear.  Personalisation gives you a great gift idea to send a special message to anyone you want.  Say what you want and have your own message that means something.

Select from a wide range of colours and designs, you chose to perfect your own gift.

At Bears in Boxes, we create your personalised teddy bear gift that will suit your needs for your occassion.  Perfect each and every time.

Each Personalised Teddy Bear is embroidered in it's jumper or on the belly of the bear as you choose.  These teddy's are perfect for a unique gift.  A special gift teddy bear to anyone you want.

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Wednesday, December 10 2014

Everybody loves teddy bears from kids to grownups to the elderly. Studies show that adults actually find as much comfort in soft, cuddly toys as much as some children do. But a personalised bear created specifically for you is all the more special and makes for a great gift. Let’s take a look at some of the ideal occasions to grab a personalised bear as a gift.


Graduation is a special time for young adults as it signifies a significant accomplishment; they’ve achieved something great and they’re onto the next phase of their life. It makes sense then that friends and family members make an effort to make them feel special by giving gifts and celebrating at graduation ceremonies with them. A personalised teddy bear is a cute way of helping the graduate remember this special time. You can get adorable little bears in full regalia and headgear with the graduates name in embroidery.



Mothers/Fathers Day

We all know parents can be tricky to buy for. There are only so many pairs of socks you can buy Dad, and Mum is going to make a fuss about how thoughtful your gift is even if she doesn’t think much of it. A teddy bear gift hamper is sure to thrill the folks. Father’s Day gift packs come with all a cute teddy and enough chocolate to put a smile of Dad’s dial. Mother’s Day teddies are embodied to show Mum how precious she is to you. It’s just around the corner so get in quick!




Bear Parties

These take the meaning of personalised teddy bear to another level. Bear parties are becoming a popular way of celebrating birthdays and other events for kids, and adults can get involved too!
At Bears in Boxes, we have a bear making machine that allows guests to come in and show their creativity. We help people design and create their very own teddy bears - allowing them to choose the colour, style and even dress them up. Guests then take their new friend home with them: now that’s the definition of a personal teddy bear!

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